Data privacy and General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")

- Booking details collected at the time of booking are kept for my adminstration of the booking and not for marketing. The only information kept is that which is entered onto the booking form. I am PCI DSS*  checked and compliant. I do not keep a record of your card payment data.

- A third party handles the card payments (freetobook) and is fully PCI DSS* compliant.  I use this organisation to handle payments, they keep the data securely  and do not share it with anyone.

- You can apply at any time to see the data I hold about you.


* PCI DSS is the worldwide Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard that was set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud. The achieves through enforcing tight controls surrounding the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data that businesses handle.  is intended to protect sensitive cardholder data.

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